Technical Stock research advisory  Offer for 2-day service to checking our accuracy in commodity and equity

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Technical stock research Check our last week performance update daily.

Date Symbol Entry Target Stop / Loss Remarks Profit / Loss
02/27/2019 RELINFRA 133.10 131.85/130.00 134.25 [email protected] 8060
02/26/2019 ACC 1381.60 1372.50/1365 1389.90 SL HIT 6640
02/26/2019 LT 1259.10 1261.60/1273.85 1251.80 [email protected] 11062.5
02/25/2019 NATURALGAS 183.30 186.80/188.10 183.70 SL HIT 1000
02/25/2019 NATURALGAS 196.30 194.80/192.90 197.90 [email protected] 3750
02/25/2019 GOLD 33448 33378/33310 33510 [email protected] 27600
02/25/2019 ZINC 193.80 194.40/195.00 192.40 [email protected] 6000
02/25/2019 RELCAPITAL 165.20 166.90/168 163.10 SL HIT 6300
02/25/2019 JUSTDIAL 493.00 497.75/502.20 489.80 [email protected] 25760
02/22/2019 SIEMENS 978.80 985.10/992.00 971.20 [email protected] 6930

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Algo trading is most powerful trading and very profitable sins many years but we know about this algo trading last 2 yer but so we are starting an algo trading in the stock market you can check for the demo account

6 Main Reasons To Choose technical stock


Genuine Past Performance We give a Daily update in our Performance your can trust with our update in our website


Multiple Payment Options Credit card, debit card, Net banking, Paytm,


We have 10 years experience research team in the stock market and commodity market


Working Day wise service Customer get the maximum benefit from our services, We are not counting holidays.


You can check daily basis performance with your call and compare your call check daily update in our website


Working Day wise service Customer get the maximum benefit from our services, We are not counting holidays.

technical stock technical stock

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The perfect Wealth Management of technical stock advisory

Technical Stock Research Advisory because of Work with high accuracy services in a live market like MCX, commodity, Gold and Silver, Crude oil, Base metal. NSEStock Market Cash, Future, Nifty And Bank Nifty In this all Services We give Maximum Accuracy tips Because we have high experience research team and bast support system. most important work in quality, not quantity. technical stock gives WhatsApp and telegram app support to give a better experience in the stock market and commodity market updates, technical stock have 10 market price to get the market maximum benefit to start WhatsApp free trial

  • Bast in Cash, future, nifty, option Gold-silver, Crude oil, Metals,

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